You present yourself hopeless to the world, Putin blast African Leaders

The incumbent Russia President, Vladimir Putin has once lambaste African leaders over the sorry state and underdevelopment of the continent.

In a statement received by Southern Dailies on Monday, Putin said, Africans present themselves as weak and hopeless people, who can only survive by the help of Europeans or Americans.

He further stated that Africa has all it takes to compete favourably with the world but the leaders has deliberately refused to create the enabling environment for their people.
Consequently, he urgent African to rise up against their unproductive leaders or continue in slavery forever.

Africa will never be independent, Africans believe in Europeans, Americans and Chinese more than themselves. They do not trust each other, African engineers / technocrats do not have the platform to practice what they have studied. They hire Chinese people to build roads for themselves. A white man will commit a crime in Africa but no action will be taken because the African authorities consider us whites as half gods, which is far from the truth. A black man can be kidnapped in Europe, harassed and even killed, but no African authority can even challenge him.

Africans present themselves as weak, hopeless people, especially when dealing with Europeans and Americans. They are their own enemies. They hate each other, allowing their colonial masters to continue to explore their resources. As far as I know, Africa is the chosen continent, chosen by God, it is a blessed continent and it is time for Africans to realize that they are in a place where Americans, Europeans and Chinese people are jealous and would like to be.

Do not compare the African weather with any other weather … African soil can feed all Europe, America and Asia, but their problem is one, “THEIR LEADERS”. As far as I’m concerned, their best president has always been Gaddafi.


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